Why I Quit..

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Photo Challenge

January 1st 2015, I started on a journey of photographic learning. To take a new themed photo each week.

For the first 9 weeks I thought oh this is easy submitting photos, commenting on others, often incredible works of art, then boom life hit me, my entries became later and later, the amount of comments reduced significantly both giving and receiving.

Then I just stopped.


I am a huge believer that when things stop being fun and enjoyable, you have to take a step back and readjust.

I started to get stressed out about getting a photo that suited the theme of the week/month, I stopped enjoying picking up the camera. take a step back, readjust

Where am I now?

It has been 3 weeks (I think) since I last submitted a photo. During this time I have taken over a hundred photos.

Some of my, in my opinion, best work has occurred during this time. I have slowed down to take photos, taken more time to understand the scene, what I want to capture and what the story is that I want to tell.

Would I do a challenge in the future

Simply, yes. During the first few months I really enjoyed the challenges, learning to think about a theme and how my photo can meet the subject matter.

I however would have to find a way to ring fence some time to achieve the photos that I want, as such a photo per day or week challenge is out of the window.


Starting now

I am going to aim for a new photo per month (up until Christmas) I know, or hope, that this will be achievable and will hopefully help me become a better photographer.