Busy…busy…busy…capturing amazing experiences

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Over the past 2 and a bit months I have been extremely busy capturing amazing experiences for beautiful people.

I have shot 2 more amazingly beautiful weddings, helped a lovely couple capture a loving engagement, a high end fashion shoot for an exciting vintage boutique, booked in one family shoot and a wedding for next year.

Each and every time that I pick up my camera….ooo I forgot to mention I have upgraded to a brand new camera thanks to my lovely and always awesome Mother and Dad.

Each and every time that I pick up one of my cameras I am capturing beautiful pictures and experiences.

As this year begins the slow crawl to Christmas and New Year.  That wonderfully manic time where everyone gets increasingly busy…busy…busy I look every forward to my next opportunity to capture amazing photographs of the people I stumble across, who knows maybe next time I get my camera out it could be to photograph you.