Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a land far far away…

John Harrison

My dad taught me the value of a good story.  Stories that pass down through the generations, ones that tease the senses and trigger emotions are the best kind.

I first picked up a proper camera about 10 years ago after getting some ‘amazing’ photos of the Lake District, I knew straight away I had been bitten by the photography bug.

I set out to learn as much as I could, but something, important was missing from my photographs.  I hadn’t yet learned to tell a story with my camera, yes I was taking nice photos but they where snapshots.

Fast forward to now, photography is how I like to tell my stories, capturing the lives of those around me, and teaching others to use a camera so that they can tell the stories that are important to them.

In this day and age photography is everywhere, each person sees hundreds of images each and every day, wether swiping on Social Media, driving past billboards, or reading magazines and papers.  It is a rare photograph that makes you stop and pay attention. These are the photographs that I like to take. Images that tell more of a story, ones that live on for longer than a snapshot.

Give me a call on 07931842833 to have a chat about what your story is, and how I can help you to tell it or fill in the form below and I will maybe take you for a coffee to discuss.